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Pink Floyd - Two Suns In The Sunset tab

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D A G  G A D  D A G  G A D
 D                          G              G A D
In my rear view mirror ...
D                              G   G A 
Sinking behind bridges ...
    G               A                D       A     G
I think of all the good ...
Em                         Bm
And I suffer premonitions, ....
Em                   A    D A G  G A D   D A G  G A D
Of the ...

 Bm                                    A  Bm
Like the moment when ...
Bm                                    A 
And you slide towards ...
A      G                 A                D
You stretch the frozen ....
Bm                                 A  Bm
And you'll never hear ...
Bm                                 A
And you'll never see ...
     G          A                 D
You have no ....

D A G  G A D  D A G  G A D

(from The Final Cut, 1983)
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