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Pixies - Hangwire tab

Hang Wire - Pixies (Bossanova)

transcribed by Jere Klami 

intro   x 2             
 Em  B   C   G    B    C   E    B    C   G    B  C
 they're going higher...                          

chorus x 2
Em  B   C BAG   B   C  D
Hang wire...

Then comes verse again added with lead guitar, something like this on the d 
 Em    B     C     G         B   C Em        B      C G    B  C   

Em      B       C 
Every morning and everyday, I'll bossanova with ya

Verse (instrumental), added with the same kind of lead guitar as intro

Verse with the same d-string lead guitar as above

Chorus x 3, with lead guitar:
e ------------15-12-10-15---9-10--15-12-10-15-12-10-
  Em    B     C             G     B        C         

And then, an instrumental part
e 19--14---20--15---11---12---- this is played once with the normal chords
b ----------------------------- (Em B C G B C)
				and then twice with new chords:
 (Em  B    C    G    B    C)    B G C G D#m Em
 (B   G    C    G    D#m  Em)

outro: Em C B  G  Em

Words :

They're going higher
Wind is whistling on the barbs
Your head's a hammer

Hang Wire  x 3
(Meet you at the) Hang Wire

That man is a liar
The day is like a warm night
Salt rusts the cold line

Hang Wire  x 3             
(Meet you at the) Hang Wire

Every morning and every day
I'll bossanova with ya

If there were a fire
Can we scratch beneath it

Hang Wire  x 3             
(Meet you at the) Hang Wire
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