Plan B - Kidz tab

The other tab was wrong so I decided to tab it myself.

It's really easy!

Main Riff:
e-----------|  a few   |-----------| also played
B-----------|  times   |-----------| a few times
G-----------|  then    |-----------|
D---4-1---4-|  this    |---9-6---9-|
A-------1---|  -->     |-------6---|
D-1---------|          |-6---------|

e-----------------|  a few  |-----------------| also played
B-----------------|  times  |-----------------| a few times
G-----------------|  then   |-----------------|
D---4-1---4-1---4-|  this   |---9-6---9-6---9-|
A-------1-----1---|  -->    |-------6-----6---|
D-1---------------|         |-6---------------|

Outro chords (Strum once)
e-----| a few |-----| also played
B-----| times |-----| a few times
G-3---| then  |-8---|
D-4---|       |-9---|
A-1---|       |-6---|
D-1---|       |-6---|

and end on...

This is pretty much perfect, the guitar isn't overly hard. I figured the whole song out 
like 30 seconds so it won't take long to learn. But it's an amazing song!
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