Planetshakers - With All My Heart chords

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With All My Heart
Album: Even Greater
Key: D

Intro: Bm  Dsus4  D  G  (x4)  Melody Notes: D G F# B

Verse 1:
Bm       Dsus4  D    G
   Cre - ate    in   me
Bm       Dsus4  D      G
   A     heart  that's clean
Bm         Dsus4   D     G
   Make my spi  -  rit   new
                        Bm   Dsus4    D    G
   'Cause all I want is you

Verse 2:
Restore to me
Salvations joy
Teach me your way
'Cause all I want is you
              Bm   Dsus4   D   G
All I want is you

              G  Bm7      A
With all my heart  I will worship
              G  Bm7              A
With all my soul I will sing your praise
              G  Bm7       A
With everything    that is in me
Bm     A    Em7     G      A
I will glorify your holy name

Break:   D   Dsus4  (x4)

D      Am7   D7  G      Em7
I will bless the Lord
A      F#m7      Bm7    Am7    D7
I will bless the Lord
G7     Em7   D   A             Bm7
I will bless the Lord
A/C#   Dsus4/F# D   G
I will bless    the Lord

Structure: [Planetshakers album: Even Greater]

Verse 1
Verse 2
Instrumental (Verse 1 Chords) 
Verse 2 (Don't repeat last line)


To play Am7, play C with a bass of A [C/A]
To play D7,  play the notes D F# A C

Alternatively you could try playing Am/D (Am with a bass of D)


Sorry if I have confused you with the hints, it's optional.

This is a wonderful song with an amazing bridge wihich I love 
to hear over again. This song has really blessed me and I hope
it will do the same for you.

God Bless
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