Planetshakers - God Is Able chords

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I searched for chords of this song but I failed to see
correct chords, so I tried to make one of it. This is 
my first time posting a chord for a song :D.  
Please rate/comment so that I'd know if it's correct. 
Glory to God!

God is Able
By Planetshakers

Bm              G
  You part the ocean
Em      A              Bm
  You calm the raging sea
           G  Em  A          Bm
  You are able to do this in me

  You said You're for me
Em      A            Bm
  So who can stand against
            G   Em A
  You are with me Lord I know that

G                        A
Nothing is too hard for You
G                        A
Nothing is too hard for You

G          D     Bm A 
I know my God is able
G               D         Bm A 
And I know His love never fails
G          D     Bm A 
I know my God is able
Em            G
I believe in You

   A       Bm        G     D
I trust in You with all I am
        A        Bm        G      D
Cause I know You have the master plan
         A       Bm    G         D
So I'll throw my life into Your hands
          Em               G
For Your glory for Your glory


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