Planetshakers - You Have It All chords

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You Have It All
Heal Our Land

         A                     Bm 
Let the words of my mouth
              E/G#                   F#m           D         F#m E
And the thoughts from my heart glorify You
         A               Bm
Everywhere that I go
              E/G#           F#m            D                F#m E
And everything that I do, may it please You

D                                       Bm
Everything I have is not my own
           A         E/G# F#m E
But is for You
D                                     Bm
Everything I am is Yours alone

                      D                            E
You have my heart, You have my soul
                    C#m                 F#m
You have my life, You have it all
                     D                                        E
Lord there is nothing, Iíll hold back from You 

You have it all

|A/D/|E/F#m/|A/D/|E/F#m E/G#|

D                                          E
Come and take Your place, above everything
F#m                   A
Youíre worthy, Lord Youíre worthy
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