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Plankeye - Goodbye tab

hey i learned this song a few years ago and played it at church in memory of my 
i hope it does a lot for you as well.

the intro goes like this:

e -------------------------|
b -------------------------|
g -----1h2p1---------------|
d ---2-------2---2-----2---|
a -------------2---2-2-----|
E -0-----------------------| x4

every verse is like this:

E                    C#m7          A9
its difficult to say goodbye after
only one life.
E             C#m7                   A9
the rain will fall down replenishing
all of our broken dreams.
E                C#m7                 A9
and this burning tree thats withering
will burn again. wouldnt you believe?

heres the chorus:

E       C#m7
walk away its time to say goodbye. x2

2nd verse:

and now all thats left is pictures on the wall,
memories and stories that are told.
the more often told, the bigger they get.
lets create a legacy, lest we forget.

repeat the chorus, then play:

Ab5       A5            F#5              A5
no longer can i hold on to this defeated change

in what i am.
Ab5         A5                    F#5
its time to say fare thee well to life as we know it.
my voice it will be,

yes it will be,

you know it will be said.

repeat the intro, then play this with the verse chords:

then something woke me up, in the midst of
dreaming fantasy; halfway there.
but he always fills my cup, and he lifts me up.
o how he lifts me up.

play the chorus, then this outro:

E                C#m7                A9
i never took the time to stop and realize
that death takes many forms even while alive.

during the chords on that outro play this:

  E     C#m7 A9   Bsus4

e -0-0--0-0--0-0-----0---|
b -0--0-0--0-0--0----0---|
g -1----6----2-----4-----|
d -2----6----2----4------|
a -2----4----0----2------|
E -0---------------------|

at the very end play this and let it ring:

e -------------|
b -------------|
g -----1h2p1---|
d ---2---------|
a -------------|
E -0-----------|

there you go. im not sure if i got all the lyrics right but i know the chords and tabs 
god bless!
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