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Plushgun - Let Me Kiss You Now And Ill Fade Away chords

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A# : x13331
C : x32010
Am :x02210
Dm : xx0231
F : 133211

Repeat Chords the whole song

  A#                 C
I know that it's too soon
              Am    Dm
But it's the final days
        A#                C
'Cause playing all these games
           Am        Dm
Is just a time, to waste

    A#            C
As soon as I met you
        Am       Dm
It all began to fade
    A#              C
So let me kiss you now
And I'll fade away

You said you should be free
I know you said that once
Just tell me it'd be me
If you ever break that thought

'Cause I like you
Yeah, I like you
So I wrote this song
Now let me then I will move along

Ba ba-da da
Da dada da
Da da dada da
Da dada da
Da, da-da
Da da da-da da
Ba da-da da da-da da-da

Just find me a place
Where we can drift away
Instead of living life
Like it was yesterday

'Cause dreams like these
They always seem
To make me wait
So life can laugh at me for one more day

Maybe 'cause our moment
Just came and went
I'll still write these songs
Because I like to vent

And maybe come tomorrow
We'll forget I sent
All my thoughts of you
In binary

'Cause all my memories
Are just a single frame
If we could take a picture
Of just one more day

Let it be today
And maybe I'll say
Let me kiss you now
And I'll fade away
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