Point Of Grace - One King chords

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This is simply how we do the song at my church.  I don't think I've ever actually 
heard the song done by Point of Grace, so I'm sorry if this is horribly 
inaccurate.  I just can't find the chords anywhere so I wrote them out myself.  It works for us.

One King
Point of Grace

Verse 1:
Am                  G
Kings of earth on a course unknown
Am                  Em
Bearing gifts from afar
Am     G
Hoping praying
Am               E
Following yonder star

Am               G
Silhouette of a caravan
Am                 Em
Painted against the sky
D        Dm
Wise men searching
F       G    Am
For the holy child

C                 G/B
One king held the frankincense
Am                E
One king held the myrrh
C                 G     Em
One king held the purest gold
Dm       G        E           Am
One King held the hope of the world

Verse 2:
Am                G
A star hangs over Bethlehem
Am                    Em
A journey ends in the night
Am          G
Three kings trembling
Am                  E
Behold the glorious sight

Am                 G
Heaven's treasure Emmanuel
Am                 Em
Drawing men to bow down
D    Dm   F       G      Am
Tiny baby born to wear a crown 
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