Pops Fernandez - Little Star chords

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Little Star
Pops Fernandez

   Note: Original key is 1/2 step lower (Gb)

   Intro: G-C-Am-G-

  G        C      Am    G
   Little star, little star
  Em       Am         A7           D
   My one dream is to be where you are
        G                   C
   The people they laugh at me
           Am               G
   Oh why can’t they let me be
     Em                  Am
   One day I know they’ll see
            D          G
   I am not them, I am me

      Em           Bm    
   Last night a little star
       C              G 
   Smiled at me from afar
       Am                Bm
   Looking down from up above
      D                           G
   Shining starlight filled with love
      Em              Bm
   Daylight it came so fast
     D                    Em
   And the night it came to pass
    G                 D
   Even stars they fade away
           C                D
   But my little friend, please stay

  G        C     Am      G
   Little star, Little star
  Em       Am          D           (adlib)
   My one dream is to be where you are

   Adlib: G-C-Am-G-

   (Repeat I)

   (Repeat II)

   (Repeat Refrain except last word)

     ... are
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