Portugal The Man - Atomic Man chords

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This is the acoustic rhythm guitar part.

Chords used are all barre chords: A#m | G# | D# | A#
Also, these lyrics are definitely wrong.

A#m                    G#                            D#                            A#
You're feeling tired I know three's a crowd but if I bring her home to Freddy I'll be fine for now 

A#m                          G#
Man I can't help it I'm just always in the middle

          D#                               A#
Leave the bottle in the evening, hang with demons on the weekend...

The chord progression repeats through most of the song. In the middle, it gets 
hard to sort out what's what, so rather than claim these four chords is the whole 
song, I'm going to play it safe and say it's just the intro.

Feel free to rate this one star, I admit it's a half assed tab.
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