Praise And Worship - Thats What We Came Here For chords

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A  Bm7  A/C#  D  A/E  Fdim  F#m  [ch]B7/Eb[/ch] 
Bm7 D/E  A/G  D/F# [ch]Dm7/F[/ch]

          A                                                     E/G#
We come into Your presence with singing

Come into Your presence with praise

A/C#  Bm7                              D
And   enter Your gates with thankful hearts

We are going to celebrate

A                               E/G#    F#m
All of heaven’s waiting,        pow’r is on its way

A/C#     Bm7                   D                   Esus4               E
So we shout hallelujah, lifting to You a mighty roar of praise

 A         Bm7            A/C#        D             A/E   Fdim    F#m    [ch]B7/Eb[/ch]
You de-serve the highest praise that we can give and more

             Bm7                                                    D/E        
Lord we give  You our praise, that’s what we came here for

A/G  D/F#  [ch]Dm7/F[/ch]

 D                        A/C#  D
Ev‘rything within me reaches out to You 

E      F#m                     [ch]C#7/F[/ch]  F#m                       Em7
Your power and majesty,            grace and mercy  too

                    D                       A/C#    D                                  E
There’ll be singing and dancing,      hearts and voices raised

F#m                         Bm7
You have set Your people free

                D                                Esus4
Now the house is filled with praise

A/G                         D/F#         [ch]Dm7/F[/ch]         A
You deserve the high - est   praise (8x)
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