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Pygmy Lush - Hard To Swallow chords

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C         Am               G          F   
 being too young down here we made it through, 
            Am         Em         Am           Em
for today. 

C          Am        G          F
 now we're old enough to drive, look and find the pain.

Am       Em          Am       Em

F          G                C        Am
older now, hard to swallow.

F          G                C        Am
day and night, feeling hollow. 

C                      Am
 i could have told you, i would've lied. 

G              F                  Am      Em      Am      Em
 we'll make it through, just hold tight. 

C             Am           G          F
hard laughing disappeared, junk piled away. 

         Am       Em       Am      Em
for the fear. 

Am    Em    Am    Em    Am     Em   Am

Pygmy Lush - bipolar screamo/indie-folk, ex-pg.99
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