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Queen - We Believe tab

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E                    A              F#m              
         B4 B
I believe there's no evil out there we didn't have a hand in
E                  A                                  E       
  B4 B
You believe it's a time for peace and a time for understanding
A                              E
Some of us believe that we are chosen
       A             E                  B
And if God is on our side we'll win the game
    A                                 E
And some of us believe that there's a heaven
         A              E/G#          F#m       E    
  B4       B
When the trumpets sound       and the judges call  your name

But let's get it straight?

E                      A                   F#m               
        B4 B
I believe there's just once chance in this world to hear our brothers
E                     A             B              E 
    B4 B
You believe there's a better way to listen to each other
   A                        B      E
We don't get what the other guy is saying
   A                           E    B
We hear the words but we don't understand
   A                             B     C#m    B
So around the world the same old anger raging
       A           E/G#          F#m      E            B
And we all cry for shame and the same old tragedy goes down

A         B/A        A                    B/A
We believe there's a better way to fight
          A                        B       E
There's a way to make our children safe at night
E4      E
Yeah We believe
    A          B/A           A                       B/A
And we believe     there's a war we could be winning
        A                  B     C#m  B A
But the only way to win it is to give
What we need to receive

I believe we need a hero to step boldly from the shadows
You believe there must be someone on the scene that fits the bill
A man or a woman who knows how to say I'm sorry
With courage in his heart to match his creed
A leader who can build a brand new morning
And match the tide of changes
Match the intent with the deed

We believe there's a deed of obligation
To bring reconciliation
To make peace with every nation - in our time
We believe there's not a minute we should be wasting
When the darkness falls it's too late to fix the crime
It's peace that we need
That's what we believe




G----------18-16-18-16-14-13-14-13-11-9--|  A

      A                   B         E        E4 E
Every father every mother knows the meaning
      A                         B     E
Human treasure that our leaders do forget
        A                  B              C#m
And the bullets fly in the face of common reason
        E       G#m         F#m    E             B
And the pain we give is the legacy in the end we get

We believe there's a song that's worth the singing
It's a song of truth we're bringing
There's a way to share the Earth with everyone
We believe every creature has to be
Has a right to respect and feeling
To live and breathe and flourish in the sun

That's what we believe

A2 B/A C#m B A2

That's what we believe
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