Quietdrive - Time After Time chords

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Since every version here and online are incorrect I figured i set everyone 
straight and put the right version up since my band played this song live before. 
Let me know what you think.

Time After Time  Quietdrive
Form: A B C D B C E F G C C

Lying in my bed,
I hear the clock tick,
And think of you.
Caught up in circles.
       Em/C    F 
Confusion is nothing new.

C   D     G/B  C
You say, Go slow.
C   D     F       
I fall behind.
C    D     G/B   C           
The second hand unwinds.

If youre lost,You can look,
And you will find me,
Fmaj7  G    C
Time after time.
If you fall,I will catch you.
Ill be waiting,
F       G    C
Time after time.
Time after time, time after time. (First and Last Only)

Sometimes you picture me;
     Em/C        F       
Im walking too far ahead.
Youre calling to me;
    Em/C            F
I cant hear just what youve said.

[E] F G Em F   F G Em F


G          Am
After my picture fades,
     Fmaj7   G     C
And darkness has turned to grey.
G                 Am 
Watching through windows,
        F        G   C     
Youre wondering if Im okay.

F    G    Em  F
You say, Go slow.
F    G    Em     
I fall behind.
F     G          Em     F      
  The drum beats out of time.

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