Radical Face - Echoes chords

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So, obviously this isn't exactly the way he plays it, but I thought it sounded 
pretty close. I prefer it tuned half-step down but standard works just as well. 

Also, when you see a D-, that just means to hammer on the e string behind the 
third fret about half way through the chord. I wasn't sure how else to signify it. 
Just listen to the song and you'll hear the transition. 

G                       Cadd9 
Father was drunk on the porch
Em7                     D/F# 
Quiet, and cleaning his guns
G                                 Cadd9  
While we sat, and watched the sun set
         D                 Em7                       D-
From the roof, drinking stolen beer the day I turned twelve
G                  Cadd9
Mama is losing her mind
Em7                       D/F#
So we built a home in the woods
G                             Cadd9
And I carved our names in the side
       D                          Em7                      D-             
With a knife we found beneath the house the day you turned twelve

G        Cadd9  D           Em7
And I am always reminded of lies 
        D/F#            D 
That we told, but never meant
     G              Cadd9           D
And tonight, well I still hear your grin
        Em7                    D
Like an echo, sounding from my sins

Come on, let me in

G Cadd9 Em7 D-
G Cadd9 D Em7 D- D

(Same as first verse)
I remember the cast on your arm
From when we were convinced we could fly
And I would cover it up with fake names
To make it seem, like you were famous when you came back to school
And sure we never had much
But we did just as we pleased
We had no concern for anything
Beyond the day we were living in, we had no need to dream

Then, chorus again.

And that's all!
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