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Radical Face - Echoes tab

Sounds better a half step down. Like, WAY better.

So I used to play this arrangment to the song all the time, has all the fingerpicking 
and such, I saw the other one and was a tad dissapointed, so I decided to upload this 
feeling it a bit more accurate. Enjoy! :)

Tab by: Lubomir Rzepka
Artist: Radical Face (Ben Cooper)
Song: Echoes




Play twice in the intro. Listen to the song to get a feel for it.

D                         G
Father was drunk on the porch,
D                           A
quiet,they're cleaning his guns
D                                      A
we sat and watch the sunset from the roof
            G                           A
drinking stolen bear the day I turned twelve
  D                   G
Mama was losing her mind
 D                          A
so we built her home in a woods
D                           G
I carved our names in the side
         A                          G
with a knife we found beneath the house
the day you turned twelve

G           D      A          G            D              A
And I am always reminded of lies that we told but never meant.
       G                   D               A              G
And tonight, well, I can still hear your grin, like and echo sounding from
my sins.

Come on, let me in
 D                           G     D                                   A
I remember the cast on your arm, from when we were convinced we could fly
D                              G                A                         G
how we cover it up with fake names to make it seem like you were famous when
you came back to school.
D                   G      D                    A
Sure we never had much but we did just as we pleased
 D          G             D                A             G
We had no concern for anything beyond the day we were living in we had no
need to dream

G           D      A          G            D              A           G
And I am always reminded of lies that we told but never meant. And tonight,
          D               A              G                     A
well, I still hear your grin, like and echo sounding from my sins.
Come on, let me in

*on the last d i like to softly strum the first three strings :)

Well, thats it, thanks! This is my first tab and I hope to do alot more Radical face in 
the future! Theres so much people haven't tabbed! Anyway, if you think I should edit 
anything leave a message here or email:

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note
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