Raining Pleasure - Kemal chords

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This is the story of foolish Prince Bass Fiddle and wise Jerry Kemal.
As you remember, last time, the Prince was found without a dime on the Ponce Valdez while Jerry
watched from a tree...

Main Part:

       Am                        Em
In the land of Ali Baba near the Sea of Babalee,

        Am      G          F      E      Am      E      Am
Lived a man who played the zither with a pronoun on his knee.

         Am                              Em
He would dance among the fuzzy trees and bring the birds to life

        Am       G           F      E      Am        E    Am
And his name was Prince Bass Fiddle and he loved his ugly wife.

Am G     C                        G      F    G       F
He would sing the songs of Lutvee in his very special way

       G                   E              Am        E         Am
And he puffed tea with his lumpy head and sleep all night and day.

Am   G   C                        G         F          G    F
With his turban and his leicester faced the thieves of Germany

       G                     E                 Am      E      Am
But beware great Prince Bass Fiddle, you'll be hanging from a tree.

      Am                                Em
Fifty days and nights they waited for a sign from old Ratan

       Am     G        F       E      Am      E      Am
To pretend to wear the colours of the Emperor Charlie Chan.

        Am                              Em
So they strolled into the forest with a song and energy

        Am         G      F        E      Am        E     Am
To find bay leaves in the cauldron of the mad witch Betty Lee.

Am   G   C                      G        F       G      F
Came the answer from a leaf top that was found upon the ground

      G                    E           Am          E       Am
"Only time and Prince Bass Fiddle will repair your bellies round.

Am     G   C                              G          F      G   F
Search the highlands search the lowlands, cruise the Sea of Babalee,

       G                 E               Am        E    Am
But remember that your children need the food from filigree."

         Am                    Em
Then one day in Abalone came a messenger to say

       Am  G         F      E        Am      E       Am
That onion-head Bass Fiddle broke in half no more to play.

        Am                             Em
Will we lose our land of Lutvee to the bearded men of Cleaves?

     Am  G        F       E        Am        E       Am
Only miracles can save us and some tricks inside our sleeves.

Am   G     C                     G      F        G        F
From the sky there was an answer to the question of the plebes

          G                   E             Am        E        Am
"You will meet a tall dark stranger wearing black and blue cannives.

Am  G  C                    G         F    G        F
Who is Lucy, who is Nestor? We should only be there now.

         G         E              Am       E       Am
Why it's Aphrodite Milton and his keeper Prince Kemal.

Goodnight Kemal, this world will never change.

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