Raleigh Knights - I Will Stay With You chords

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Intro - F#m, G, D, A 2x
Verse - same 4x
Pre-Choras - G
Choras - D, A, Bm, G 4x
Bridge - A, Bm, G, D 2x
I've tried everything, everything that I know. But you shut me out, and pretend I'm not 
here. Please don't push me off, or anything that I say. I'm just trying to help you and 
everything you do.
I know life is hard for you and me, but please don't quit now were finally starting to 
win. I will stay with you like you asked me to, until you fall asleep and dream.
You say your floating to close to the rocks, and that life is gone. But I will climb 
aboard and save you, like I always do.

Choras again, then end with intro chords.
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