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Rama Duke - We Rise tab

  Gm         Bb     Cm         G#           Gm         Bb    D#          D
--------3----3----------5------5-----(x 3)--------3----3----------8------7--|

That's the intro and verse. The chords on top are the formation to use when playing it. 
the chorus, just strum

the chords.

Bridge: Cm7                       Bb                F
        Only time knows how far together, how far together we will fly
        Cm7                       Bb                G
        No labels, some things are just too sacred to transcribe
        D#                                 E5dim
        I know your being here has made me feel so alive
        F                          D              D#
        If our tomorrows end today may we forever be inspired

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"We Rise" is track 13 on the "Love don't cost a thing" motion picture soundtrack:
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