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Ramshackle Glory - From Here To Utopia Song For The Desperate chords

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This is a revised version of the other "From here to utopia" tab. 
This one is correct, chords are from his zine. 
If you can't figure out how to play it listening to the acoustic version from Die 
The Nightmare might help.


Am E Am G E
Am E Am G E

Am                                          E
well, iím afraid that the circles iíve been drinking myself
                                      Am           G         E
arenít big enough for the vowels that i try to fit inside of them.
when i was young, i drank too much,
            E                                                     Am
and iíd be lying if i said i didnít feel so goddamn young tonight;
          G                         E
maybe too young to ask whatís on my mind.
F                      Am
like: if freedom means doing what you want (well),
E                    Am
donít you gotta want something?
F                             Am                                 E
and wonít you tell me that we want something more than just more beer?

and my friends, if that ainít true, wonít you lie to me tonight? Oh yeah!

(Fast part) Am G E F x3, strum Am once then muted strumming

Am                                 E
well, iíve been listening to minor threat records all day,

and shit if i do not know every word.
Am     G              E
i sing along as i tie off.
Am                                      E
and ian screams heís ďout of stepĒ as i throw the cotton into the spoon, draw up into 
the syringe.
Am                     G                   E
iíll know just what he means until i hit a vein.
F                Am                        E                               Am
but after that i wonít have to bother with knowing who i am, for a while at least.
F                     Am
in a moment the whole world is gonna melt around me,
and iíll swear i donít miss it as a i lie to you tonight.
C            E                 Am           F
because iím afraid to look the world in the eye.
C            E                  Am               F
if nothingís gonna change, well, then iíd rather die.
C                         E
and iím too unemployed to organize a union;
    Am              F
iím too intoxicated to tear down a building.
C                   E
iím too hopeless to look for a solution;
iím afraid that if i found one,
    F                         C
iíd be out of excuses for the way i waste away
       E                         Am                        F
in the gutters that i chose like fashion accessories to go with my dirty clothes.
  C                                 E                              Am
i havenít bathed in months, but you know itís not because iíve been fighting bourgeois morals:
iím just lazy and iím young.

Am                                  E
iíve seen the best minds of my generation dying drunk or high from the rooftops to the 
parking lots,
Am                   G                  E
stomped to death in west philadelphian squats.
Am                                          E
theyíve got me waiting on a day when we can say ďfuck the police!Ē with a little bit of integrity,
Am                       G                            E
when it will mean: ďiíve got your back if youíve got mine!Ē
F                     Am                    E               Am
give me a scene where i believe in more than bad hair cuts, guilt, and misery.
F                                    Am
i donít know where i fit between the vegans and the nihilists.
that might be the first thing iíve said that wasnít a lie tonight.
C                        E                         Am              F
because thereís gotta be something more than lying in the front yard, naked, screaming 
at the constellations.
C                             E                     Am                    F
i want something more than an apology to say when i look the world in the eye.
                    C                                 E
iíll tell you, man, my friend william came to me with a message of hope.
      Am                          F
it went: ďfuck you and everything that you think you know.
   C                          E                                                        Am      F 
if you donít step outside the things that you believe theyíre gonna kill you.Ē
          C                                           E                               Am
he said: ďno oneís gonna stop you from dying young, and miserable, and right,
but if you want something better, you gotta put that shit aside.Ē
C                       E                        Am                 F
i thought about how for thousands of years there have been people who told us that 
things canít go on like this:
C                       E
from jesus chris to the diggers,
from malthus to zerzan,
from karl marx to huey newton,
                  C             E             Am            F
but the shit goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

G                        F
now, iím not saying that we canít change the world,
        C         G               Am             F
because everybody does at least a little bit of that.
   Am            E           F                      C
but i wonít shit myself: the way iím living is a temper tantrum
     A                     E                    F            G
and i need something else, need something else, need something else to stay alive.

 Jam: C  E  Am  F  C  E  Am  G  F  E  C  D 

F                       Am                      E                               Am
and on the night that i play my last show, iíll be singing so loud that my heart explodes.
F                        Am                      E
and iíll be singing, and iíll be singing: we are free!
F            Am                      E                        Am
oh, but wonít you promise me that we wonít ever forget what the means?
F                   Am                    E
i know itís hard to give a shit sometimes, but promise me weíll always try.
F                     Am                          E
because i donít wanna hate you, and i donít wanna hate me,
F           Am                 E
and i donít wanna have to hate everything anymore.

Outro: Am Dm Am E, Am Dm F E (fast muted strumming after E) end on Am
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