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Ray Price - Crazy Arms chords

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Capo 1st Fret 
(note: Ray sings it with Capo 3rd fret) 
D                D7                 G            D 
Now blue, ain't the wor-d, for the wa-y, that I feel 
                         D7      A      A7 
And the stroms brewin' in this heart of mine 
 D                 D7           G                    D 
This, ain't no crazy dream I kn-ow, that it's real 
   D                   A                 D       G  D 
You're someone else's love now, your not mine 
Refrуo -------------
D       D7                 G                   D 
Cra-zy, a-rms, that reach to hol-d, somebody new, 
                                 A       A7 
For my yernin' heart keeps sayin' your not mine 
   D                  D7       G                D 
My troubled mind knows s-oon, to another, you'll be wed 
                   A            D 
And th-at's, wh-y, I'm lonley all the time
D                   D7                 G                D 
So please, take the treasured dreams I had, for you and me 
              D7                 A            A7 
And take, all the love I thought was mine 
D                D7                   G                 D 
Some, day my crazy arms will ho-ld, somebody new 
               A              D 
But now, I'm so lonely, all the time 
repeat chorus 
               A              G          A D G D 
And th-at's, wh-y, I'm lonley all the time 
Instrumental/Lead intrlude (just a little ditty I made up!) 
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