Raymond Hannisian - Love Is The Answer chords

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Raymond Hannisian


C                              F          C-F             G            C

Morning comes and I must go; day is breaking yonder

         Am       Em    F          C  - F               G        C

After all the places I have been, now Iím going home.


(same chords)

I have been to seek the sky, to travel on the highway

And the time has come, I donít know why

I am going home.



C                   F              C             F

Where is the answer to so many questions

                       C      Dm                G

I donít know, so I begin another journey

  C                   F

Where is the meaning for my world

    G                      C

I see the answer now.



(same chords with verse 1)

Though we came by different roads, now we walk together

Stay beside me all our days, strangers never more.


Through the cool of summer rains; by the heart-side fire

Here Iíll be with you when nothing remains

I am home to stay.



(same chords with CHO 1)

Love is the answer to so many questions

Now I know, and I can stop my endless wandíring

Love gives the meaning to my world

I see the answer now.


  C                   F    (pause)     C

Love is the Answer. . .       Love!
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