Rebecca St James - God Help Me chords

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D    [ch]Edim/D[/ch]     C/D  x2

Verse 1

D5               Bb
 From the deep I cry
C              D5          Bb
I am needing change in my life
C               D5                Bb       C         D5      Bb
I have let the cold creep in and lock my ability to feel (deeply)
      C               D5                  Bb
Just now a shaft of light shot through my soul
C              D5              Bb
Opening up the windows and the doors
C               D5             [ch]Gm/D[/ch]
Reaching to the corners and my flaws
Showing my need

[ch]Gm/D[/ch]                    D5     [ch]Gm/D[/ch]
    Iím running out of time to live
                D5     [ch]Gm/D[/ch]
Running out of love to give
                D5      Edmin/D
Running out of life within
God help me

Verse 2
D5                  Bb
  I donít care who stares
C             D5                 Bb
Never want to be what I've been again
C               D5                Bb     C         D5      Bb
Grace has taken over and drawn me in and I am embracing it
        C              D5              Bb
ĎCause now I see Your light drawing me close
C             D5              Bb
Overwhelming love I donít deserve
C                  D5                [ch]Gm/D[/ch]             Dm
But Iíll take the hope You bring, You hold it out to me
Without You
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