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Reckless Kelly - Seven Nights In Eire chords

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INTRO:Am, C, G, Am x2

Am                       C              G                     Am
The first pub we could stagger to was twelve steps from the plane
                        C           G             Am
A Virgin flight to Shannontown the day it didn't rain
                        C       G                 Am
The laughing eyes of Ireland sparkling blue and green
                         C                 G          Am
With hair as black as Guinness stout and barely seventeen
 F                                   Am
We're back out on the cobblestones whiskey drunk and high
  G                                              Am          
Liquored up and gearing up for seven nights in Ireland 

Am, C, G, Am x2

Am                     C              G         Am         
The corner booth is waiting for the session to begin
                   C               G                  Am
It's quiet as a mother's prayer ?till we all stumble in
                       C                  G             Am
And it's fifty happy voices mixed with whistles made of tin
                      C               G             Am
And a piper man is blowing like the North Atlantic wind
F                              Am
And an Aran island beauty is sawing on the violin 
 G                                                Am
I wonder will she miss me after seven nights in Ireland
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Am, C, G, Am x2

Am                    C              G               Am       
It's Ladies' Day in Galway and we watched the ponies run
               C                   G              Am
Fifty pounds against the odds and came in six to one
                      C               G            Am
McSwiggin heard the race report, he invited us on in
                       C           G                    Am
So we drank Catholic whiskey with all our newfound friends
F                                        Am
They raised a glass to all of us and we all toasted them
 G                                                   Am
Here's to Michael, Tom and Pat and seven nights in Ireland

Am, C, G, Am x2

 Am                 C                 G              Am
we kissed all the girls goodbye and gathered in our gear
               C                       G             Am
And when she walked me to the gate I swear I saw a tear
                      C              G               Am
But then she looked into my eyes I knew she felt my pain
                  C                 G              Am
And only then I realized we were standing in the rain
 F                                  Am              
So save our places at the pub and when the eyes are dry
 G                                               Am
We'll come back another day for seven nights in Ireland

OUTRO:Am, C, G, Am x2
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