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Reckless Kelly - I Still Do tab

This is the way we play it down South so here it goes.

G------9--------8--------7--------8        Repeat--| x4
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          E        B         A      B        E         B   A   B
She said boy why don't you love me like you used to
      E    B        A       B    E    B   A   B
You never want to hold me anymore
         E       B        A          B          E   B   A   B
I said girl now don't you go start talking crazy
           E       B          A     B        E   B   A   B
'cause I love you more than I ever have before
       E        B       A   B   E
But if I don't show it lately
  B               A          B     E
Just 'cause I'm a little bit crazy
       B        A       B      E   B    A
Don't think my days of loving you are through
        B        E  B  A   B(x 2)
'Cause I Still Do

(Second Verse just like First Verse)

Well I guess I must have slipped and let my guard down
'Cause you know you're always gonna be my girl
When I get turned around and lose direction
Sometimes I forget you're my whole world

But if I Don't show it lately,
Just 'cause I'm a little bit lazy
Don't think my days of loving you are through
'Cause I still do

Weeeell there you go that's the whole shebang.  Enjoy! Oh RK uses a
mandolin originally but the guitar is just as good. Questions,
comments, wanna say hey,
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