Red Goodbye - 23 chords

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Red Goodbye - 23 Guitar Chords
Copyright 2010 Red Goodbye

Drop Db tuning (EADBGe -> DbAbDbGbBbEb)



==VERSE 1==

G       D     A      G
     To everyone who cares

  C                     B
I know you're out there listening

      D        A      G
I can feel you in the wind

Slow though I have started
I can raise my hand among us
Oh I was so young

==CHORUS 1==

      G            D
Every heart has to ache

     Em                C
Everyone's dreams will break

         Am          A7
It's the good we all take

That lives on

       G        D
I will never be sure

         Em          C
Why more love is the cure

          Am             A7
When it's love that hurt me

In the first place



==VERSE 2== 

(Same as Verse 1)

Of course it's easier living in the moment
The now is always then
But 23 Novembers of easy's what I remember
And nothing 's working yet

==CHORUS 2== 

(Same as Chorus 1 for 6 bars)

When it's love that hurt me

But just wait, you'll all see

I'll be ok

I'll be ok

I'm just sad right now


(Same as Interlude 1)


G         D

(Repeat and fade out)
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