Red Hot Chili Peppers - Save The Population chords

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Save the Population – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Gm      Bb      Dm 
History so strong   
History so strong   
History so strong   
History so strong  
Gm             Bb             D7 
Sing another drinking song the honky tonk will do  
Gm             Bb             Dm 
Make another breaking bomb your favorite ingénue  
Gm      Bb      D 
This the distant dawn  
Gm      Bb      D7 
This the distant dawn  
Gm                                        Bb 
I put my cards up on the table  - I do this speak cause I am able  
One pixie's broken down devotion  - I threw my pistol in the ocean  
Eb                                      Cm 
Eyes wide with revelation       Shine at the police station  
D                                         D7 
And when the verdict comes round -  I'm sure that you will go down  
Eb                     F       Gm 
Stay all night, we'll save the population... (4x) 
Gm      Bb      D 
Pistol and its pawn   
Sail it through the lexicon  
Pistol and its pawn   
Blood and borderlines be drawn  
Gm             Bb             D 
Take another bottle down the brothel and the shrew   
Make another awful sound, a rather gothic brew  
Gm      Bb      D 
History so strong   
History so strong  

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