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Red Roses Black - I Miss You tab

This is my first tab ever, but I think it is correct.

Intro/All Verses
E|----------------------------|    E|----------------------------------------------|
B|----------------------------|    B|----------------------------------------------|
G|----------------------------|    G|----------------------------------------------|
D|----5-5-5/6------6----------|    D|------5-5-----5-5----5----5-5----5-5---5------|
A|--3-------------------------|    A|----------------------------------------------|
E|--------------4-------------| x2 E|--4--------4-------4----4------4-----4--------|

  Fm                                    G#
E|--1----------------------------------||---4-----------------------------| (repeat x2)

Chorus: Cm, A#, G#
Verse 2 change: same as chorus(Cm, A#, G#)
Bridge(Fm, Cm, G#)

Figure out the rhythm by listening to the song.
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