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Refreshments - Blue Collar Suicide tab

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Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 15:54:50 +1000
From: Fiona Davies 
Subject: r/refreshments/

By The Refreshments
from Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy

tabbed by Fiona Davies

OK, the verse is almost entirely on E but it's mostly
a drums and bass thing except for Brian's teensy little fills.

Anyway, the main riff goes something like this with the rhythm
strumming an E the whole time:

E :----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
B :----------------|----------------|----------------|-5-4-2----------|
G :----------------|----------------|----------------|-------4-2h4-2--|
D :2---------------|--2-------------|2---------------|---------------2|
A :--2--0---0--2---|2---2--0--------|--2--0----0--2-2|----------------|
E :-------4--------|---------4-0----|--------4-------|----------------|

Brian varies the little verse fills in every verse but to get started

Natural harmonics......  and a gradual bend
E :-*12*----------------|------------------|
B :-*12*----------------|------------------|
G :---------------------|-9b---------------|


F#m      A
But if I could  You know I would
E   Esus4 E
Run away
Right now! (get a nice big pick scrape going here)


E5       A5  D5
I can't sleep coz she snores like a chainsaw...

E5    A5  D5 E5
She can't count all the pills I took
E5, A5, D5

SOLO (nice and easy for a change)


E:-------------|-----------------------------..X-X as
B:-------------|-----------------------------..X-X many
G:-----------2-|-----------------------------..X-X times
D:-2-1---2-4---|-----------------------------..X-X as
A:-----2-------|----------------X-X needed.--..
                bass thing and
  a bit of
  E strumming

At the end as things get a little more psychotic just keep
pounding out E5, A5, D5 over and over until the cool wah/noise

You shouldn't have many problems figuring out the few couple of notes
that make up the verses, I just can't be stuffed writting it all down :)

Anyway, any comments or corrections or whatever would be cool.
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