Rend Collective - More Than Conquerors chords

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More Than Conquerors - Rend Collective 
(From their website, it's perfect ;)

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Verse 1:
C        G
When my hope and strength is gone,
C            G
You are the One who calls me on.
C            G
You are the life,
C            G            D     G
You are the fight that’s in my soul.

Verse 2:
C         G
Oh, Your resurrection power
C           G
burns like fire in my heart.
C            G
When waters rise,
C          G       D       G      D
I lift my eyes up to Your throne.

Em     C                G            D
We are more than conquerors, through Christ
Em       C             G            D
You have overcome this world, this life.
Em                 C
We will not bow to sin or to shame.
G              D
We are defiant in your name.
Em                     C
You are the fire that cannot be tamed.
G                 D
You are the power in our veins,
Em            C              G
our Lord, our God, our conqueror.
/ G / G C / G / G C / G C / G D / G / G C /

Verse 3:
C            G
I will sing into the night:
C          G
Christ is risen and on high.
C          G
Greater is He
C         G       D      G
living in me than in the world.

Verse 4:
C      G
No surrender, no retreat.
C       G
We are free and we’re redeemed.
C          G
We will declare
C        G        D       G     D
over despair, You are the hope.

Nothing is impossible,
every chain is breakable.
     G              D
With You we are victorious.
You are stronger than our hearts,
You are greater than the dark.
     G              D
With You we are victorious.

/ G / G C / G / G C / G C / G D / G / G C / : played after every chorus)
(except in between the last two choruses)

Listen to song for strum pattern.

Lyrics Order:
Verse 1
Verse 2 
Verse 3
Verse 4
Bridge 3x
Chorus 2x
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