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Restless Heart - Ill Still Be Loving You chords

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			                  I'll Still Be Loving You - Restless Heart


       G                Em                 C     Cadd9        D4         D

G           Em
Changin' my life
          C   Cadd9
With your love
D4             D         G
Has been so ea-sy for you
And I'm a-mazed
       C  Cadd9
Every day
C        Cadd9 D
And I'll need you
C                G         D4  D
  Until the moun-tains are val-leys
C             G       D        E
  And every o-cean is dry...My love

A                         F#m
   I'll be your until the sun doesn't shine
Till time stands still
C         G               A
Until the winds don't blow
A                       F#m              C#m
   When today is just a mem'ry to me...I know
C                 G
I'll still be lov-in'
C                 G   D
I'll still be lov-in' you
I'll still be lovin' you

(2nd verse)
Never before
Did I know
How loving someone could be
Now I can see
You and me
For a lifetime
Until the last moon is rising
You'll see the love in my love


break - E, C#m, A, C#, B, E, C#m, G#m, G, A, E


I'll still be lovin'
I'll still be lovin'
I'll still be lovin' you
(repeat and fade)
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