Rex Smith - Forever chords

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Forever – Rex Smith
Tabbed by :Christian Estoesta  
British School Manila
100% sure of this

Intro: G [ch]C#dim7[/ch]

G         D/G                Am7
They Say that you and I
    D7sus      D          G
Are reachin far too high
        D/G                          Am7
We Know our love was young
               D7susD7  Em
Wev `e only just begun

Refrain 1
 Through The Night
       Am7                  D7sus,D7
We hold each other tight
   G             [ch]C#dim7[/ch]
(For ever,… .. . Forever)
Drums and bass enter

Verse 2
G   D/G                        Am7
A Love like your and mine
        D7sus    D7       G
We stand the test of time
           D/G          Am7
Like rivers to the sea
      D7sus    D7          Em
Your Love Returns to me

(Repeat Refrain except Last Word )
       G     G/F- E7
Forever… ….
I`ll be your`s Forever… … … .. .. .
               D7sus   D7
Your`re Mine      ( Drums…)    For ever

ADLIB G-D/G-Em-Bm7-Am7-D7sus-D#dim

Em                    Bm7              Am7
You will be the one to fill my life
D7sus          G        D/F#
To stand beside me
Em                 Bm7
I Will be the one
The one you`ll run to
                     D7sus   D7
You can depend on me

    G       G/F- E7-
I`ll be your`s Forever
You`re Mine
       G        [ch]C#dim7[/ch]              G
(Forever,… … … .. .. . forever)2x

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