Rhett And Link - Facebook Song chords

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            D      F#m   G         A
I wouldn't call myself a social butterfly
           D                 F#m                 G    A
and there's not much that separates me from the other guy
        D   F#m     G    A      (D F#m G A) 
but when I login I begin to live

(Verse 1):
          D      F#m         G
There's an online world where I am king
     D       F#m        G  
of a little website dedicated to me
     D          F#m        G
with pictures of me and a list of my friends
and an unofficial record of the groups that I'm in.

(Verse 2)
(Same as verse 1):

Before the internet friendship was so tough
You actually had to be in peoples presence and stuff
Who wouldve thought that with a point and a click
I could know that Hope Floats is your favorite flick (harry connick jr.?)

   G                 D
Facebook (Facebook) I'm Hooked on Facebook
I used to meet girls hangin out at the mall 
but now I just wait for them to write on my wall.
        G           A          D
Take a look. (Youre Hooked) on Facebook.

(Oh its says Link's status has changed. He's playing the recorder...)

Recorder Lead: D E G (G A G A G)X3, E E E G E
Recorder Harmony: A G E (D E D E D)X3, A A A A A


How do you know this person?
Did you hook up with this person?
Do you need to request confirmation?
Or did you just think they looked cute... from their picture on facebook?

(Verse 3):

If the internet crashed all across the land
Or my facebook account was deleted by the man
I'd carry around a picture of my face
And a summary of me typed out on a page 


Facebook (Facebook) I'm Hooked on Facebook
Its more than a want, it's more than a need;
I'd shrivel up and die without my mini-feed
Take a look. (Youre Hooked) on Facebook.

      G A               F#m    G     A     G     D           
Take a look...on Face...book, book, book, book, book!

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