Ricardo Sanchez - I Am Forgiven chords

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I am forgiven
Ricardo Sanchez
Free Chapel

C				                    D                            D/F#
All sufficient, rich in mercy, you have given, given freely 
C					                D		           D/F#
With intensions, you’ve designed me, your forgiveness, never ending

E7				G
When I fall, I fall at your feet and you tell me…


		D	A-G
I am forgiven 
	A	   D	         A	G
I have been given another chance
 	    F-F		       D		A-G
There’s no condemnation
	A	   D	         A	D
Your grace is sufficient to cover my sin past
Your love  is more than enough
C2				(Dm to bridge)
more than enough, for me 

Interlude: |C	|C/E	|D      |D	|D/F#		| (2X)


C				D		    D/F#
With your loving, loving kindness, you have drawn us, to repentance
C				D		    D/F#
Ever reaching, you pursue us. We are moving , with a purpose


Dm			                   F
God of another chance, God of another chance
G				          Bb
Nothing can separate me from your love, yeah
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