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Richard Smallwood - Angels chords

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6-time Grammy nominee Richard Smallwood


E7, A7, Dm9, G13, Cmaj7, F#7, B7, E7sus


E7                          A7
Through dangers seen and un-seen
            Dm11    G9    Cmaj7   B7
there's pro-tection all a-round
E7sus  E7        Em7/A    A7
Under the refuge of God's wings
   Dm11 G9    Cmaj7
se-curi-ty is found
              F#m7b5  A#dim
For there are an      -gels 
B7       B7/D#  Em11 Em7
watching you to keep you
B7/F#  Em7/G   Em7/A
in all of your ways
A7      Am9      G9/B
keeping you from stumbling,
C6       F#7    Am/B
so don't be   a-fraid 
God's appointed...

E7/G#   A7            Dm9  G13
An     -gels watching over me 
Cmaj7   F#7           B7   E7sus
An     -gels watching over me

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