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Right Side Of The Tree - Drunk On A Tuesday chords

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Dsus          E
I got outta class
           F#m                             Dsus  
Ended up in my friend's dorm room
Dsus                     E
"when'd you drink last?"
            F#m                                      Dsus
Can't remember cause the time's not soon
Dsus            E
Had a 40 on me
              F#m                           Dsus
And two dollars just to get me by
Dsus                       E
Hit the gas station, scene
          F#m                         Dsus
We're stealin some beer tonight

Dsus                E
I'm drunk on a Tuesday
F#m                  Dsus
And I'm feel in alright
Dsus        E
It's only a Tuesday
F#m                         Dsus
But we're drinkin all night


Verse 2:
So I grab two cans, two of them full
Gotta skip class, fuck my school
Imma get bla-sted tonight
Call up my friends, get things right
Get em on the phone, funnel my beer
Best damn time we had all year
Ain't goin home, let's have fun
Drinkin til we all see the sun


Dsus           E                        F#m           Dsus
I'm outside now, but I'm not alone
Dsus             E                       F#m          Dsus
And I got my can, but it's my own
Dsus           E                      F#m  E   Dsus
I'm so tipsy now, but I only k-n-o-w

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