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Rio - Shine On tab

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Well, it goes like: Dm - Am - C - G all over the song.

Intro - Dm - Am - C - G 
While singinh this part: 
Open up ya eyes and watch the sunrise
One part of me Iíve been made clear
Love that goes spread all the world, you know

And then:
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Dm                      Am
My love ya comes out of devotion
   C                  G
To rule ya spread to the world
   Dm                   Am
In Trenchtown Iím on my mission
Where we praise the day straight our way
All the nation
Let me be the love that comes form the sun
Let me be your rainbow rising on
Every single race out of space
Will Shine on, shine on!

And so on.
Hope it's correct and you like it.
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