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Rivermaya - Flowers tab

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Intro: G-F-G/C(2x)
G          F         G/C 
Someone's gone away forever
G          F         G/C 
Someone's gone away too soon
G        F         G/C 
Did they take you up to heaven
G            F         G/C 
Or did they take you to the moon

     G                  F               C               F
Nobody answers all her questions so she gazes up to the stars
             G                F              C                        F
(And)Maybe someday when she's all grown up, she'll join them in their lies.
     G              D               C--
And just before she turns away she crafts a little smile
     G                             F                 C
Someday(/saying) I will take these flower s to the sky

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repeat intro once

G-F-G/C (8x)
Someday I...

outro: G-F-G/C (2x) G-
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