Roadkill Ghost Choir - Beggars Guild chords

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Em      G       D       C

Em                     G
Oh put it on, take it off real quick
        D                       C
on the bottom of the pile, I’m feelin sick.
Em                              G
It never cross my mind, That my baby lied, no-
      D                        C
To keep me in the beggar’s guild.

So I sleep all day and I dream all night
with the bottle in my hand I take the devil’s side.
I smile real big just to keep it hid
oh, the truth about my lack of will.

Oh I run like hell from the city’s glow
I lose my name, I pass and forget the folks I used to know.
If I go far away from the city gates
and the long reach of the government.

Oh all alone in a cold north scene,
in the blue sky above a plane flew over me.
The banner it pulled said “you were a fool,”
“did you really think you’d ever win?”

       D                        C
I’m taking off my dirty skin.
        D                       C
There is nothing to refute my sin.

Am      G       C
I fear  no      one
Am      G       C       D
I fear  no      one but you.
Am              G       C
(Don’t care…    No      no )
Am      G       C       D
I lie   only to  tell the truth.

Well the steep demands of the higher call
Oh you pawn off the world so the cars won’t stall.
I'll burn my clothes and I'll gut my soul
and pretend that I was never born (ayyyyah yeah).

Oh my oh my, look what you have done
Split your head out on the floor like you’re the chosen one.
I gave her my heart but she wanted no part
so I sold it to an antique store.

So I dug a hole four thousand miles down
To the center of the Earth where I will not be found.
Memories of the moon singing see you soon,
Though I was always partial to the sun.

I was picked up by two men of the law
They said we’re taking you downtown, forget about your call.
Hell’s no place for a wandering face
Go take it up with Beelzebub.

You laugh as you pull out the rug
I was never really much in love.

I fear no one
I fear no one but you.
(Don’t care… No ... no )
I lie only to tell the truth.
(No ...)
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