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Robbie Williams - Revolution tab

Title: Revolution
Artist: Robbie Williams
Album: Escapology

Transcribed by: The Dane

D - C - G - E   2X

D                           C
Don't fight the feeling, relax

Oh child the knot's in your back

'Cause you've been holding on

   E                            D
I feel you when you're reaching out

I'll talk you through memories

Just keep breathing with me

It's time to hold my hand

     E                 D
And walk into the revolution

When there's no one to touch

And you've been thinking too much

You only hurt yourself

          E               D
When it's all about retribution

I see the pain in your face

And praying rare for this space

It's time to lead you on

  E                Bm
C'mon, it's a revolution

When you can't keep on keeping on

                    G                     F#
And everything you lean upon is all but gone

Bm         E
Everybody falls sometimes

But love shines on

And on and on and
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