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Robert Francis - Alibi tab

This is my first contribution, a great song, thank you Emmanuelle !

                                                           ALIBI  - Robert Francis

Tabbed by: Matthieu

Tuning: A

Many chords are played open in Intro (let last cords ring)
Listen to the song to get the pattern, not too hard.

Intro :


G|--------------6---------------------6--|                  x2

      A                     C#m/G#                Bm/F#

e|--------- 0---------0------------0----------0------0-----0----------------------------|
B|--------- 0---------5------------3----------3------2-----3----------------------------|
G|--------- 6---------6------------4----------4------4-----4----------------------------|
D|--------- 7---------6------------4----------4------4-----4----------------------------|
A|--------- 7---------------------------------------------------------------------------|

                C#m/G#                        Bm/F#                     A

D|---------------------6------------4---------2----2h4-- 2---2h4--------------|

| /   slide up
| h   hammer-on

Part 1

A                                               C#m
I won't forget the reasons          I went so far to love you
A                                               C#m
A man is most important            When he's unmoved by separation
A                                               C#m
And tries to match the tempo     In which death succeeds creation
A                                               C#m
Burning there to keep you          All I needed was some patience

Part 2

D                                  C#m
When you turned into a woman
            A                      D
When I loved you as a child
D                     C#m
I wanted to protect you
               A                                D              E
From the things that made you smile

Part 3

                   D                E
My little alibi
Time couldn't change us
            D                     E
But we tried
                D                 E
My little alibi

I wanna see you cry

Bridge :   A    C#m   A   C#m   Bm/F#   G   Bm/F#   E

Repeat this pattern for the whole song and enjoy !
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