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Rock N Roll Soldiers - Anthem tab

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Author/Artist: Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere 
Title: Anthem
Album: Mellomania Vol. 10
Chords transcripted by: Tobias W. (

These are the chords for the short guitar-part of this great anthem...

Capo 2

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Dsus2  [x00230]
Asus2  [x02200]
Esus4  [022200]
E      [022100]
C      [332010]
G      [320003] or [355433]
D      [x00232]
Dsus   [x00233]

Play first:

Dsus2  Asus2  Esus4  E

And then repeat this chords till the end:

C  G  D/Dsus

Have fun playing this song!

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