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Rocky Horror - Science Fiction Double Feature tab

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Okay, so the song is really simple to learn and the song and reprise are almost the same.

Michael Rennie was ill
The Day the Earth Stood Still
        C               E
But he told us where we stand.
And Flash Gordon was there
In silver underwear,
       C                       E
Claude Rains was the Invisible Man.
Then something went wrong
For Fay Wray and King Kong.
          C                         E
They got caught in a celluloid jam.
Then at a deadly pace
It Came From...Outer Space.
    C                            E
And this is how the message ran

D         E       G                C
   Science fiction, double feature
D         E        G               C
   Doctor X will build a creature.
D                E      G          C
   See androids fighting Brad and Janet
D              E       G         C
 Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet
Woah oh oh oh oh
                             E              G
At the late night, double feature, picture show

And you just repeat that ^_^
Also, for the reprise, replace all the Cs with Fs
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