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Rod Stewart - Beautiful Morning chords

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C         G               C         G                       
Beautiful morning on this beautiful morning 
        F                   G                 C
On this beautiful beautiful morning here with you      

Verse 1
Driving down the highway on a Friday evening 
Am                      G             F                     
Me and my lady heading' south for the weekend
Early start left the city behind us 
Am                            F                       C  Am G F
Good to be together there's a lot we gotta discuss oh yeah

Verse 2
Pulled into Starbucks for a doughnut and a coffee 
Am                       G        F
That's when I noticed it was all around me
A new day dawning and it's gotta be a winner 
Am                        F        C
Roll out the summer we're tired of winter
G                   Em                
See that sun coming over the hills 
G               Em
See that Heaven true to feel 
F                       G                        
Bluebirds singing not a cloud in the sky 
F                  G
Oh my God ain't it good to be alive


Verse 3
No hesitation when we check into our hotel 
Am                        G           F
Down by the ocean 'bout a mile out of Frisco
Far 'cross the bay in a room with a sea view 
Am                         G        F
Lots of sexy lovin' on our personal menu
G                       Em                                
Don't you worry 'bout unpacking your case 
G                              Em  
Get down to the beach feel the sun on your face
F                      G                       
Seagulls singin' not a cloud in the sky 
F                G
What a wonderful day to be alive


This week is gonna go real fast 
Let's make every minute last oh yeah 
We'll sing and dance and jump around 
                                     D           G 
We could get drunk and all fall down most of all no regrets

Chorus x2

I'm not 100% certain on some of the lyrics - can anyone help please!!

This was posted by request
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