Roger Alan Wade - Party In My Pants chords

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Roger Alan Wade - Party in my pants

From youtubeversion:
(Johnny Knoxville & Roger Alan Wade "Party In My Pants" on SIRIUS XM) 

See the youtubeclip and you'll get the hammer-ons and pull-offs.. 

Please feel free to correct the lyrics, add the chords I've missed and the instrumental part.
Enjoy (:


E                                    A
I'm sick and tired and sad and broke combusted

E                               B
I'm taking leave of my troubles today

E                                  A
Hide everything you don't wanna get shattered

E                      B              E               
Oh tonight we're gonna roll the rules away

Chorus (same chords as verse):

There's a party in my pants and you're invited
A big fiesta in my trousers I'm excited
I'm so happy my little cupcake I can hide it
Oh there's aparty in my pants and your invited

Instrumental E7 ? A7? B -something

If you're tired of knock knock jokes and conversation
Hey crank up the radio and kill the light
Hey lets get on this gay love selebration
We're gonna party in my britches tonight


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