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Roger Clyne - Beautiful Disaster tab

E                      Emaj7(021100)                      A
Will you be my Mary Magdaline, would you be my American dream
Will you mix your perfume up, from diesel fumes and gasoline
E                 Emaj7
Be my sweet insurgence, load the magazine
A                                                Am                                B
  Let's shoot out the lights tonight, we've been waiting too long for them to turn green.

   A                     E
Now, take the wheel, the highway's clear
Emaj7                    G#m
 I got the throttle, now baby you steer
Lets squeeze every drop out of this machine
    A                           B
The coffee, the diesel, the methamphetamines
C#m           A    B             E  A      Am
'Til this God damn rig can't run no faster
E               B      A      E
Baby ain't we a, beautiful disaster

  E     Emaj7      A                 Am
B:--------------------(10-9--)-------(10-9--)-------------| notes in parentheses are
G:--------------------(-----9)-------(-----9)-------------| played what sounds like
D:--------------------(------)--7-6--(------)---7-6/--2---| a second guitar, one octave
A:--------------------(------)------7(------)-------------| higher

Stars burn their brightest, just before they burn out
We were in our prime, I know it's just the way of things
So if were short on years, baby we're long on miles
So let's grind the gears, and stick the needle in the red on all the dials


A  B
     You know I love to watch them angels
A                 E      A  B
Fightin' over you
                  A       Am       E 
Heaven knows they left me... long ago

Previous Riff

E  Emaj7  A  Am

Oooh, la salvadora, oh, sweet catastrophe
Ahh, siren song, our captain says there's nothing wrong
As I dash my ship upon your shore, a mad, drunk, and reckless troubadour
I'm outside here hollerin' at your door, begging you for more of you

E                B      A      E
Baby ain't we a...beautiful disaster

E     :022100
Emaj7 :022140 or 021100
A     :X02220
Am    :X02210
B     :x24442
C#m   :X46654
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