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Roger Mcguinn - King Of The Hill tab

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Subject: CRD: King of The Hill (Roger McGuinn)

Here is a song off Roger McGuinn's most recent album (it was done with
Tom Petty).


Intro:  A (for about 4 bars, slowly increasing the volume), then

F#m		A		Bm	D	F#m

L.A.'s asleep
you roll up your window
D                Bm
The night air is cold
    D          E
The freeway is clear
In a green Gucci bag
Are your prized posessions
    D              Bm
The jewels of your mind
   D             E
To hold back the fear


And when monday comes round
There's a high lonesome sound
        Bm          D            F#m
And she follows you down for the kill
And a white blinding light
Makes it all seem so right
    Bm              D           F#m
And you feel like a king of the hill

Verse 2:

The driveway is long
Your princess is lovely
Your servants all wait
For your knock on the door
How many years
Will you crawl through this castle
So satisfied
And still wanting more


Verse 3:
The guests have arrived
With all the right faces
But you missed the ball
In that room down the hall
It's sunrise again
The driveway is empty
The crystal is cracked
There's blood on the wall

Chorus x2:

A	x02220 or 577655 (barre 5th fret)
F#m	244222
Bm	x24432
D	xx0232 or x57775
C#m	x46654
E	022100 or x79997

Sekhar Narayanaswami              

"I wanna find myself a girl
Who can show me what laughter means
And we'll fill in the missing colors
In each others paint-by-number dreams"		-- Jackson Browne
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