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Rolling Stones - Satisfaction tab

From: James T. Morris 
Subject: TAB: Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones

               (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
      Words and music by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards C1965

Main Riff (continue pattern)
E              A             E              A
I can't get no satisfaction  I can't get no satisfaction 

             E              B7             E          A
Cause I try__   and I try___    and I try__  and try__   

                      (start main riff)
A     E               A  D       A       E             A  D
I can't get no                  I can't get no

 A    E               A  D        A      E             A  D
When I'm driving  in my car    and the man comes on the radio

A     E               A  D        A      E             A  D 
he's telling me more and more   about some useless information

A      E              A   D       A      E             A  D
supposed to drive my imagination  I can't get no    

     A      E    (NC)       E     A  D      A      E         A D
Oh no  no  no    hey  hey  hey          That's what I say
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