Romance On A Rocketship - Skin And Bones chords

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		Skin and Bones - Romance On A Rocketship
Tabbed by: Daniel Chevalier

Tuning: EADGBE

Capo on 2nd

E		G#m		Bm		Asus2	

e|-0-|		e|-0-|		e|-0-|		e|-0-|
B|-0-|		B|-0-|		B|-0-|		B|-0-|
G|-1-|		G|-x-|		G|-4-|		G|-2-|
D|-2-|		D|-6-|		D|-4-|		D|-2-|
A|-2-|		A|-6-|		A|-2-|		A|-0-|
E|-0-|		E|-4-|		E|-0-|		E|-0-|

I know I'm nothing but skin and bones,
G#m			Asus2
but I sure think you're beautiful
With your long, long hair and your big blue eyes, 
	    G#m	                     Asus2
I've been thinkin' bout making you mine tonight

E	Bm	G#m	Asus2  x2


E                            Bm
Hush your lips I'm about to speak up. 
      G#m                           Asus2
If I talk real slow do you think you can keep up with me
E                    Bm
This time am I out of line?
We will never know it if
If we refuse to show it.

E	G#m

Chorus  x2


          E                        Bm
Don't let me go if I'm dangling
G#m                                             Asus2
High above the world where the angels sing
            E           Bm        
Back it up, let's turn this train around
         G#m			          Asus2	
Let's get this party hoppin' 'til we're shaking the ground.

Chorus   x2


E	         Bm
Don't let me go,
	          G#m          Asus2
Baby, please don't let me go
E	         Bm
Don't let me go,
	          G#m          Asus2
Baby, please don't let me go

Chorus x3

End on E
| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note
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